About me

Robin OomkesHi! Thanks for visiting my pages. I’m Robin Oomkes. I’m Dutch but have lived in Berlin from 2014 to 2017. On my sabbatical leave there I hugely enjoyed myself studying the history of the city as well as German history in general, and writing here as well as on slowtravelberlin.com.  I also blog about Westfalia and Volkswagen camper vans over at westyman.com (in Dutch). I’ve published chapters in Stories from the City as well as in Crossroads, the book that accompanies the exhibition in major European museums on the so-called Dark Ages of mediaeval history (which turn out to be not that dark, after all!). Now back in The Netherlands, I’m continuing my art history studies with a Master’s at Leiden University, as well as running Amsterdam walking tours.

About the name of the blog

Mr. Menz in MenzThe name of the blog, Dead Emperors’ Society, came up one night over a beer with my good friend Marcel Menz, some 15 years ago. We were travelling through Germany in my VW camper van, chasing cultural and historical sights that Marcel had learned about in his Art History MA programme. There many great sights in Germany (a lot of which are UNESCO World Heritage) from the days of the First and Second German Empires, which are not very well known to the public – cathedrals, palaces, monasteries, museum collections. That’s when we decided to call our 2-person travel club the Dead Emperors’ Society.

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