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Gift plate received from Russian china workersA story on a visit to the Clara Zetkin Memorial, in honour of the founder of International Women’s Day:


A story on Dutch history site on  plans by the Berlin City Palace foundation to bring back statues of 17th century House of Orange stadtholders to the centre of Berlin:

Dutch Quarter in Potsdam

My story on the Dutch influence on Oranienburg and Potsdam appeared on (in Dutch)

T3 Joker at Weser campsite

I blog about Westfalia and Volkswagen camper vans at

More stories on Slow Travel Berlin:

The Battle of Berlin: a timeline

Nov 9 1918: the Abdication of the Kaiser

Nov 9 1848: the Execution of Robert Blum

25 Favourite GDR and Wall Memorials

The House of the Wannsee Conference

Books, Beethoven, and Berlinka – the Berlin State Library

The Kronprinzenpalais – the Crown Princes’ Palace

Touring Berlin’s Airports

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