The Prater Beer Garden


In Berlin, unlike Bavaria, if you see a group of men in a beer garden wearing traditional German dress, they’re probably British. The season of stag weekends is upon us and, generally speaking, they are a pain.


But in a beer garden they seem to fit right in! I haven’t been here long enough in warm weather to know what proper German beer garden behaviour is, but these British lads slowly but steadily filling up with fine German beer, enjoying the sunshine, and letting all of the rest of us patrons share in the fun (if only because the fun was very hard to ignore), were pretty harmless. At least, that’s my point of view now…


The Prater, by the way, is at the top of Kastanienallee, one of Prenzlauerberg’s main drags. Its history goes back deep into the 19th century and was a typical working man’s day out on a Sunday. Recommended for nice beers (they have their own Pils) but other varieties are on sale as well. Finish it off with a nice bratwurst.